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Business Loan Solutions is an industry leader in the business capital arena.  We have over 40 years of finance, business and investing experience.  We offer a comprehensive range of products for businesses domestically as well as internationally and have partnered with the largest network of banking and lending partners in the world.  Our clients have been featured in INC, Forbes, USA Today, MSNBC, Business Week and Wall Street Journal.

DEBT FINANCING – We are a diversified loan service company which provides a broad array of loan services to help companies receive the capital they need to improve their sales, operating efficiency and business growth.  We provide several business loan programs including: Lines of Credit, Business Acquisition/Expansion loans, Merchant Cash Advances (MCA), Small Business (SBA), Aircraft, Equipment, Medical Offices, Construction Projects, Private Money and Commercial Real Estate project lending.


EQUITY FINANCING – Equity financing is a compliment to debt financing in certain situations when debt financing is not as readily available or debt financing does not cover the capital need. Through our global partners, our team provides consulting services and guidance on how to create a successful plan to bring debt and equity together to achieve our clients goals.

WEALTH GENERATION – We use proven financial strategies designed to meet our clients risk tolerance that can stand up against market volatility. And you can count on unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance based directly on your return on investment goals.

COMMERCIAL FUNDING – There is more and more competition for capital resources from traditional lenders and sometimes projects do not make the cut, or business startup our in the cold, which leaves business owners searching for non-traditional solutions. Our team can create a customized strategy to help our clients fund their own projects.  All you need is the 20% down to start the process.


Since its establishment, BLS always adheres to the concept of “COOPERATION AS A WIN-WIN”,  while actively advocating the core values of “INTEGRITY WITH INNOVATION”. In terms of business strategic goals, WE take financial services for clients very seriously.

Since capital is the foundation of a solid business, WE are committed to sourcing capital by continuously following the road of sustainable development with innovative and pioneering spirit to help clients find the necessary foundation tools to grow their business and expand through acquisition. OUR customized strategies and loan programs provide an excellent compliment to each clients capital needs while protecting their financial assets.

OUR clients are up to big things.  Every successful financial strategy starts with an excellent client relationship. Our mission and values include exceeding our client’s every expectation. WE serve the clients that are out to change the world with their ideas, products, services and projects to the benefit of society world wide.


OUR business team possesses advanced financial management knowledge that helps you find the funding you need to accomplish your business goals and objectives.  WE provide rich successful experiences in debt financing, equity financing, wealth generation, project funding, and credit enhancement strategies that will unleash the power of your business.

OUR high-quality team of experts and senior consultants continuously provide professional and innovative consulting services for our clients world wide. OUR professional financial service staff has extensive executive leadership experience in retail loan services, commercial real estate, consulting, business brokerage and wealth generation solutions.

Kelly Oliver – President/CEO

Neo El – Managing Director

Marie Dumont – Operations Manager

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