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About Us & The Team

Who We Are…

Business Loan Solutions is an industry leader in the business loan brokerage arena.  We have over 40 years of finance experience.  We offer a comprehensive range of products for businesses in all 50 states.  Partnered with the largest network of banking and lending partners in the country.  Featured in INC, Forbes, USA Today, MSNBC, Business Week and Wall Street Journal.

We are a diversified loan service company which provides a broad array of loan services to help companies receive the money they need to improve their sales, operating efficiency and for growth.  The company provides several business loan programs including: Lines of Credit, Business Acquisition/Expansion loans, Merchant Cash Advances (MCA), Small Business (SBA), Aircraft, Equipment, Medical Offices, Construction Projects, Private Money and Commercial Real Estate projects.

Our professional financial staff has extensive executive leadership experience in retail services, commercial real estate, consulting, business brokerage and business lending – primarily focused on business and commercial real estate loans.


Our goal is to provide YOU with exceptional customer value and service!


Kelly Oliver – President/CEO

Rob Wren – Vice President of Sales

Marie Dumont – Operations Manager

Our Office In New York, NY

Our Office In Tampa, FL

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