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Resurgence Commercial Real Estate & New Construction Loans

Resurgence Commercial Real Estate & New Construction Loans

We are seeing a resurgence of commercial real estate projects & new construction loans especially in multifamily housing.  Of course people fear another housing meltdown like 2008, but not to worry! According to a national economist last week, the current demand for housing is actually that…a demand. Unlike our experience in 2008, where the demand was actually the housing bubble and ultimately the housing crash. The inflated prices from 2006/7 were unsustainable. Today, however, the economy is doing well and unemployment is at an all time low.  Those two influences are determining factors of true demand.  Additionally, the demand for luxury housing is up. So some of those commercial real estate projects that were sitting on the back burner in 2010, are now resurfacing causing the resurgence of commercial real estate project and new construction loans. This is great news for the local communities. However, we understand that several developers and contractors were hurt by the down turn and their financial picture still looks bleak. Having lived through it myself, I remember the toll it took on everyone, personally, emotionally, and financially. That’s why we work with developers and contractors to pencil in the numbers and search for the best loans to meet your needs.  Of course it is up to us to create the most successful strategy to present to different lenders. Then we create hungry lenders willing to work with you to complete your project. Sign up for a free consultation, and Let’s get those projects done!...

Now Available! ‘How To Get The Best Loan For A Small Business’ E-Report

The lending landscape has changed drastically in recent years, putting you, the business owner at a disadvantage.  Small businesses are not always able to get approved for a loan at the local bank, regardless of how great the relationship is.  Despite the rise of alternative lenders online, it can be tricky to land a small business loan.  Even if you’re a solid candidate, you might not be the right candidate for a certain lender.  Let’s face it…lending standards have changed.  At Business Loan Solutions, we understand that you are busy, and may not have time to search for the best loan, know where or how to start the process, or not exactly have all your ducks in a row.  That’s why we are here to help you achieve your goals. We prepared this 10-page report to help you begin to feel comfortable with starting the loan process by arming you with knowledge and gain confidence to get ready for growth.  We gathered information collected from the web and added best practices that will help you get the best loan for your small business. Contact us for your FREE copy...

Business Loan Solutions Announces New President and CEO

TAMPA, FL, May 1, 2018 – Business Loan Solutions, a leading supplier of business loan services throughout the United States, today announced the appointment of Kelly M. Oliver as President and CEO effective May 1, 2018.  Ms. Oliver replaces Mr. Rob Wren, who will remain with the Company as the VP of Sales. “I am honored to join the Business Loan Solutions team as CEO and President.  Business Loan Solutions is a dynamic organization that has successfully evolved to meet the demands of an ever-changing business loan environment.  I am enthusiastic about the opportunities to build upon the current infrastructure to grow revenue and to maintain exceptional customer value and service.  I am very excited to be joining at this time,” said Ms. Oliver. Ms. Oliver is an entrepreneurial executive with extensive executive leadership experience in retail services, commercial real estate, business brokerage and banking, primarily focused on business and commercial real estate loans. About Business Loan Solutions Business Loan Solutions is a diversified loan service company which provides a broad array of loan services countrywide to help companies receive the money they need to improve their sales, operating efficiency and for growth.  The company provides several loan programs including: lines of credit, business acquisition/expansion loans, cash advances, SBA, aircraft, medical offices, private money and commercial real estate projects. Real People Lending LLC is the parent company and provides a broad range of consulting services for...

Is a Cash Advance right for your business?

Many small business owners have no idea how a cash advance can help your business to grow. Our loan programs can help build the business credit you need to qualify for future lines of credit or working capital. Here are some of the benefits: Easy Application 1 pg Application, No Collateral Required Fast Approvals Funding in Less Than 48 Hours Credit is NOT an issue Min $15,000 per month gross income   Sign up for a FREE, No Obligation consultation to find out.